Monday, March 30, 2015

Week #63 The wedding!

Me and my balloon groom.

Angela was the cutest Bride!!

Wedding Day

Lima Central

March 30, 2015,
Hola Familia,
Wow this week was really fun and crazy.We had a lot of things going on! Wednesday I spent the day with hermana consultores working on family history. Thenon Friday we traveled to lima central to sign wedding papers, and that night we held a “white out” (baptism where everyone wears white). Saturday we had the wedding in the district offices, and Sunday we held a big family home. Honestly, it was such a busy week, I can’t believe how fast it went. We worked super hard, besides all the events mentioned above, we taught almost 40 lessons this week and made over 100 contacts. It was a very successfull week. Hermana Luna and I are SOO happy.
Something that I really had put into practice this week is a little concept I learned in my leadership class in high school called “flipping the switch”. As missionaries we do not have time to rest. We are ALWAYS working. This week with some huge things going on we really had to be on top of everything.Unfortunately I came down with a bad cold/flu. Literally every morning I woke up just wanting to stay curled up in my bed and do nothing because my body just felt awful. Every morning I had to find a way to “flip the switch” and get out of bed and carryout all of my work, even though it was hard and I was sick. I could have been a burden to my companion I could have comlained the whole day and done nothing but attitude is every thing. If we do things with a good attitude our perspective changes and we can lift those around us. The best part is that we can choose our atitude. We can choose to be sad and depressed or we can choose to be happy and positive. This Sunday was fast and testimony meeting. I bore my testimony about how the gospel of Christ makes us happy and that it can transform who we are. I think one of the biggest examples of some one who has changed from the gospel of Christ is my ward mission leader. He comes from a super tough background he basically doesnt have a family. He has struggled with a lot of things and the gospel has completly changed his life around; he is an inspiration to everyone who comes into contact with him. This week he completed one year as a member. It was areally exciting day! He was baptised last year and after his baptism he read the Book of Mormon in 5 days and his progression has just conintued on from there. He knows the scriptures better than most members... better than many misisionaries. He has baptised TONS of people and it is a miracle before my eyes to see how Jesus Christ can change the life of somelike Miguel. 
The wedding this week was wonderful! We got everything ready and it was super smooth. Normally weddings have tons of complications but honestly the only hitch in this wedding, were the bride and groom getting married.. We Got up at 5:00am to help A get her hair and makeup and her dress ready.  She was the cutest little bride ever. We got to the district offices and took lots of pictures and then they were officially married. I am so happy for them.  
See you all in the summer!
Hermana Huish

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