Monday, February 23, 2015

Week #58 Work=Blessings

Mama Luchi is our angel who helps us with laundry and cooking

WAHOO! G was baptized this week!  G was in the process of receiving the missionary lessons and has wanted to be baptized for a long time  but he went on a month long  trip to his home in Chiclyu. The good news is that he came back and received the remaining lessons, then was baptized Saturday. I have really come to love my area of Santa Isabel all of the members, our converts, and the people. Even though this area is really difficult I love it and have learned that life is truly what we make it. Something that I read this week about the law of harvest  in Thessalonians really struck me, it says "this we commanded you that if any would not work, neither should he eat."  Its a law so simple. We have to work to receive rewards. We have to work to get results. Nothing in this life comes easy and we have to just keep working and pushing through. 

Another realization that I had this week is that we cant obligate people to do anything. For example, if someone doesn't want to come to church they aren't going to come. We cant force people to do things even if they are right. We also can't make decisions for other people. If someone is misbehaving or making poor choices, we cant force them to change. The only thing we can do is try to INSPIRE them to change. We have the power to promise blessings, testify and do all that we can so that people can make good decisions. Ultimately however its up to every individual to find a path . The other day we started teaching a man named  G. He is 40, lives alone and spends every weekend drinking. Its a really sad life that he is living. We cant force him to stop but we can for sure help him realize the consequences that he has received and the blessings that he can yet receive. Really as missionaries people sometimes call us angels to help them through their addictions and problems. One of our purposes  here is to inspire people to live better lives and to make good choices. I am so thankful for the opportunity that I have to serve a mission, to help spread the word of God and help people find happier and better lives. 
Have a great week!
See you this summer, 
Hermana Huish

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Week #57 Unity

My valentine Cody who lives downstairs

The Young women in my ward are AWESOME!

Hola Fmilia,
This week we discussed unity, specifically that our zone needs to be united as well as our companionship's. Since we are all without our family and friend networks, unity in the mission is necessary for acceptance, advice and comfort.  Our zone and district essentially become our family support system.
 We have had some positive experiences this week with the families that we are teaching. G and M are going to get married!! M is a less active and his wife hasn't been able to get baptized because they are not married yet. The good news is that they have prayed about it and said "YES TO THE DRESS" wahoo! I know it will be a great experience for the both of them and for their children. We held family home evening with them every week for a month and they have been saying their family prayers.

Family prayers can not be underestimated; they create unity and help every member come closer to one another and to God. Families like this inspire me to be obedient and keep working. When I first left on the mission my reason for serving was so that other families could have the happiness and Joy that comes from the gospel. I Know that we can have this joy as we live the gospel and teachings of jesus christ. I know that this gospel blesses individuals, families, and generations. 
Hermana Huish

Monday, February 9, 2015

Week #56 This mission is changing me...

Lima Central

A little shopping on pday, do you think the hat is too much?

Hellloooo family,
Wow I don't honestly know where to begin, this week was full of amazing experiences.
I have been in the mission for almost 13 months and I can tell that I have changed a lot. It is so interesting how the longer I serve, the closer I become to Christ and the farther away from the "real world" I get.  I hope this doesn't sound self righteous but truly I am so focused on following Christ and God and all of the commandments he has given us that I cry when the people that I have come to love don't come to church or make bad decisions. On the other hand, I was jumping with joy this week when our recent converts went to the temple.  I know that we are happier when we follow God and his commandments, It is so plain to me that sometimes it is hard to be patient with others who are still figuring this out. I need to keep reminding myself that just a few years ago all the things I now have a frim testimony of were not so obvious to me. I know I feel this way because I have spent so much time in the mission and I have been so close to God that I understand the blessings and joy we receive when we put God first. Its hard to impart that understanding to someone else, especially when they are living in the real world and not the mission bubble. They don't understand that when we put God first he will provide for us. As a missionary there is a lot of pressure to always do what is right and always be obedient. I have a strong testimony that when we are obedient we receive countless blessings. 

This week we had a work visit with the sister leaders. I was able to reunite for a day with my old companion,Hermana Pintado, in her area. Wow I really miss Hermana Pintado but am really thankful that she is here in my zone. We had really amazing lessons all day. It was just like the good old days in Begonias Canto Chico. In every lesson the spirit was tangible and  strong. We invited two of her investigatores to be baptized this month and the both said yes! It was such sweet experience and I am thankful I was able to be part of it. 

Another great experience this week was with a new investigator that we found. W has investigated a lot of different religions and he had a ton of questions for us. During the lesson he began firing out questions one after another, but the questions he had really weren't necessary and honestly they were  questions that we don't have answers to. My companion basically told him to be quiet and listen to the message that we had for him. He was a little bit surprised by her boldness but he sat still and started to listen. As we shared the message of the restoration with him the spirit  testified that it was true. At the end of the lesson W said,  "Wow it all makes sense.". He shared with us that he has listened to the missionaries in the past and that they gave him a Book of Mormon even but he never understood because he was so focused on the questions that couldn't be answered. He was so thankful for our visit. We committed him to pray about Joseph Smith to know that he was a true prophet. I pray every day that he will be able to receive and answer.

L, is another investigator we are working with. L is here every weekend staying with his aunt but he isn't here during the week. He began attending church about a month ago and we started to teach him the lessons. This past week we taught him all of the major commandments and he promised to give up coffee if I gave up coca cola and if my companion did her exercises every morning. hahaha We agreed to the deal!  He started reading the Book of Mormon and he prayed to see it it was true. he told us that he had a dream and that he does believe. We invited him to be baptised this month and he accepted wahoo! 

 Our recent converts K and T  have been literally AMAZING this week! They are now one of the strongest families in the ward. T goes on apointments with the missionaries they plan activities and are always looking for ways to help. This week was really special because they were able to go to the temple! And they were able to enter. 

Another fun little experience, we have had a hard time connecting with the members and the leaders of the ward.  So, this past week we decided to make little cards for all the members of ward council. The cards have a picture of us, and a scripture, and a little note that thanks them for all of the work that they have done. After handing out these cards every one has been wanting to help us! Everyday this week we left with a member. Its been amazing and the members can be so powerful with their testimonies and really help all the people that we are teaching feel more comfortable. Its been wonderful!

Well that was my week. Ill keep you updated for the next week on how everybody is doing! I want to thank everyone who has sent me letters or packages it really makes a huge difference to know that we aren't forgotten back home! GRACIAS!
mucho Amor
Hermana Huish