Tuesday, September 30, 2014


So sad to say goodbye to Pinto!!

This week we had transfers and I was so nervous because it was time for Hermana Pintado to be transferred. We were really good friends and were working  hard so I was sad to watch her leave and extremely nervous to get my new companion! 
Sunday night Hermana Pintado went around and said goodbye to all the members and  investigatores. Then  we packed her bags. Monday morning we went to the district offices with our sister leaders from Santa Fe, Hna Frye and Hna. Molina. Sister Frye also received a transfer so we all cried together as we got to the offices. For transfers we all gather in the parking lot of the offices.  Standing in one half of the parking lot are the people who have transfers and the other half is all the people who are staying in their area. Presidente Erickson begins to read a list of the names and the new companions come to the middle and then go off to their areas. I aways feel like I have a giant rock in my stomach while waiting for my new companion. Finally president got to Begonias 2. He called our Hermana Huish will be with...... the suspension was great. HNA FRYE and HNA PIN. haha I never would have guessed that I would be in a trio and especially never would have thought that I would be with Hna Frye. She is my sister leader and only has one more transfer in the mission, plus she is north american.  The first thought that came to my mind is how in the world are we going to all fit in our tiny tiny room. The room that we live in is about the size equivalent to the dorms in Helaman halls at BYU. Our room is tiny and there is no way we can fit another bed but somehow we will make it work. It was funny because Hermana frye brought all of her suitcases to the mission offices just to move a couple blocks down the street. In the same zone, same church building, and even the same district. We had no time to unpack her stuff. As soon as we arrived back at our room, we immediately left for all of our appointments. With two knew companions I am in charge of everything, teaching the lessons, finding investigators, basically the readership is on my shoulders. It was hard but I deffinitley felt the help of the lord. I am a whitness that when we are in tune with the holy spirit he will tell us in the precise moment what we should say. I needed to be on my game all  week, especially because hermana Frye was my old sister leader, it was stressful but I learned so much about missionary work this week. I am extremely grateful for p-day to rest this week. I deffinitly need to get rid of my stress so that I can lead and direct another week. 
My companions are the exact opposite of each other. Hna frye is a north american from Utah who is a hard worker, very obedient  and always willing to help. She has a lot of experience as this is her last transfer in the mission before she heads home.  Hna Pin has a great spirit but is shy, timid, and likes to ride back. She has a really bright side also and is super funny an lighthearted. Everyone has something to learn from their companions and I am sure I will learn so much form them

We are working hard in our area to find new people to teach. The other day we went to teach M G she is a single mom with a little boy named S. She seems very interested and even came to church with us this week. I think she is really looking for someting to help her. Overall this week went well, it was a lot of work and I am super tired. But thankfully I can rest up today for another week of work.

Love you all and See you next summer!
Hermana Huish

Monday, September 22, 2014

week 35

Pday is always fun!

We worked on a service project this week. This family lost their mother to cancer a few months a go so we went in and sanded and painted all the walls so the kids could have a change.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Week #34 Because I'm HAPPY!!

Members of the LDS church are often asked the question,¨Why are you so happy all the time?"  A lot of things make me happy. For example,I love to cook, play soccer, play the piano, snowboard and hang out with my friends.  These are all things I really enjoy and when I scoare a goal, learn a new trick, or master a new song, I am truly happy!  Every one has things that they love to do and  although these things bring happiness there is something more that brings eternal happiness and  joy. That is faith and hope in God and in his plan for us. Putting our trust in God and believing that we are here on this Earth for a purpose brings confidence and true happiness. If we exercise faith and hope in Gods plan all of the temporal things dont matter. Because the temporal things that I love to do can also bring sadness, maybe I fall down on my snowboard, or choke in the middle of a piano piece or kick the goal wide. I can ejoy these things because they are good but we have to be carefull not to put all of our happiness and self esteem in these these things that are temporal. My mission president says ¨We are sad because we put our hapiness in things temporales but if we put our hapiness nd confidence in God we have no reason to be sad.¨I know this is true. I know that our happiness comes from our confidence in God. ¨Wherefore, whoso believeth in God might with surety hope for a better world, yea even a place at the right hand of god, which hope cometh of faith, maketh an anchor to the souls of men, which would make them sure and steadfast, always abounding in good works being led to glorify God.¨Ether 12Ñ4 Our happiness should not depend on others, our hapiness should be found in God and His plan for us. I know that knowledge and hope in the plan of salvation is what distinguishes Mormons from religions. The book of Mormon talks about Gods plan of salvation. It also talks about our purpose where we came from and where we will go. You can search the entire bible and not find the word ¨Plan¨. The bible lost the precious plan of salvation. I am so thankful for the Book of Mormon and  that it restored the knowledge of the plan of salvation. I have a firm faith and hope in this plan for me. I have faith in a better world after my life here. And this gives me faith hope and asurety.
Faith is to put our trust in things that we can not see. When we have faith in God we can have hope that even in difficult circumstances, everything will be okay. We have hope that we will be saved, that we will be delivered from our afflictions. In Isaiah 42 it says ¨Fear thou not, for I am with the be not dismayedñ for I am thy Godñ and I will strengthen thee yea I will help thee yea I will uphold thee with the right hand of my righteousness.¨ God is always here with us and he wants us to find joy in this life. In fact, the whole purpose of his plan is that we find Joy. "Adam fell that men might beñ and men are, THAT THEY MIGHT HAVE JOY."  Ironically, in order to obtain this joy we need to be tested and  to experience saddness as well. On my mission I have had the beautiful opportunity to bring the knowledge of this plan to so many people and I have witnessed how it changes their lives. It is a beautiful experience to be part of.
In short, there is a difference between happiness and joy. Happiness is what we feel when we do the things that we love. Like snowboarding and playing soccer. But Joy is something much more profound. Joy is the happiness we find in the love of God. 
Love you all!
See you next summer!
Hermana Huish

Monday, September 8, 2014

Week #33 The gospel is good and so are S'mores!

Missionaries have to get creative for fun on their missions.  I decided we needed to have a campout since my Companion Hermana P has never had a s'more before. We made a tent and plugged in the hot plate for the fire, hahaha!

Our marshmallows actually turned out perfect

Enjoying the finished product.

Dear Family!
Its amazzing how the Gospel blesses families! Hermana Pintado and I have been teaching the family B for about 2 months and the gospel is changing their lives, it is so cool to witness this transformation. The first couple lessons we had at their home were crazy! R is a single mother and  she has had a really hard time raising her children alone. She has to work all day and finds it difficult to discipline.  Last week we had a family home evening at her house and everyone was calm and attentive!! Two months ago we couldn't get the family to sit still for 2 minutes together. Its is wonderful to see the progress that they have made. We watched a video and they all paid attention and then they automatically new what to do for the prayer. We all knelt down and J the oldest even helped R the baby kneel down and cross her arms for the prayer. Going to church and lessons with us has really helped R and has  blessed her family with a new found peace and focus. It makes me think of how blessed I am to be born in a family that has the gospel.
The Gospel has affected my entire life. As a child I was able to learn good virtues and values, and I was able to remember those throughout my teenage years. Decisions as a teen were so much easier to make because I learned when I was a child. So when the time of temptation came I was able to stay away and CHOOSE THE RIGHT! I know that the decisions I made to choose the right will bless me in the future as well. I know that my mission will bless me. That I can raise my own family with good virtues, and valores. I'm so thankful for the gospel in my life. If it were not for the Gospel of Jesus Christ I wouldn't be in Peru dedicating my life to God. My mission has been one of the biggest blessings in my life and I am so grateful to be here. I'm  glad and thankful that I made the decision to serve a mission. 
Love y'all and see you next summer!
Hermana Huish



Monday, September 1, 2014

Week #32

Teaching my Capacitation, I am so professional

A package of inspiration from home!

One of our friends got a new puppy, aawwweee


Baptism day! I love this Family!

Hola Familia y Amigos!
Awww so much has happened this week!
Okay  first off we had a multi zone conference. It was awesome The president spoke about how to become the 4th missionary. What his message boiled down to is that as missionaries we need to let our personal desires hibernate for a while and let God lead the way. For example, we cant be thinking about home or school or experiences we may be missing with friends. We need to put those things in a box on the shelf for a season and open them back up after the mission. Instead we need to focus all of our energy and talents  on serving the Lord. Our president is super duper powerful he is awesome! 
I taught my first capacitacion! (this is a training meeting for all the missionaries in a zone) I taught our district about how to focus on the need of the investigatores! It went really well. I shared a couple stories from the scripture and then we read preach my gospel. I had little hand outs and in the end we  practiced. I was super nervous before it started because I have the sister leaders in my district. I was feeling the pressure to make it really good! And I think they were impressed so sweet! 
This week was also the week of family C L!  It was J's Birthday he turned 18 so hermana pintado and I went over to celebrate with them. We had cake and presents and we sang. Then on Saturday we had their baptism! Wahoo! Its was a beautiful baptism! Four people were baptized into our ward in Begonias! It was awesome! I litterally was just over joyed with this baptism because I have come to love the family C L we have helped them so much. Resolved their doubts, and guided them to find the truth. They are integrated in the ward and I know that they will be strong members. I am sure J will serve a mission and one day their family will be sealed in the temple. I can't begin to explain to you how rewarding missionary work is. It is honestly a different kind of happiness. It is not the happiness that you feel on Christmas morning, or on a birthday. It is a more profound, deeper joy to bring people to Christ.
I hope all is well back home! I know its going to be a strange, strange feeling to go back to the real world but thats a long way away so for now I am going to embrace and enjoy the mission expereicne! 
See you next summer,
Hermana Huish