Monday, March 16, 2015

Week #61 Transferred to Canto Rey

The week in pictures:

Right before transfers

 My palate is expanding on the mission. A few weeks ago I was served boiled chicken blood at a home and given crackers to dip in the blood. It wasn't easy, but I actually ate it. A mission is a little like survivor.

 Missionaries don't just teach the gospel, we do a lot of other things. For example, I have also become quite a wedding planner. A couple we are teaching is preparing to get married so this week I was trying to help the bride find a dress

Saying goodbye to some wonderful families in Santa Isabelle


My new area is called Canto Rey. 

The night before transfers, I stayed up all night packing my suitcases and getting ready to go to my new area. When I got to the district offices I saw an old friend named Miguel Angel at the door. He used to come on appointments with me and Hrm. Pintado in Begonias. We Joked around saying that I would be assigned to his ward and guess what???? I am back in my home! I am back in San Juan de Lurigancho In Miguel Angels ward My new area is called Canto Rey. I couldn't believe It!  After it was announced everyone thought it was funny because I ran up to Miguel angel to tell him that I would be serving in his ward! It was the gift of prophecy! haha.

My first week here was super duper busy!!!! We are living in basically a little cave that is very small and HOT but I am sure I will get use to it. My new ward is tiny, only about 70 people but we have several great investigatores. This week we had the baptism of a 19 year old girl named K. We taught her early every morning this past week so that she would be prepared. We also have a couple V and A who we are teaching, they are sooo sweet.! A is like a little soft mouse and she has soo much faith. We inscribed them this week to be married and things are going great.
Another cool thing about this ward is that we teach a guitar class! I barley know how to play but it has been an awesome activity and I am getting better. But honestly the best part of this ward is Miguel Angel. He is our ward mission leader and he basically lives the life of a missionary. He is a recent convert and was baptized just last year but his testimony and conversion story is the BEST!  He knows more about the church then me and my companion put together. Every day this week he came with us on appointments and he really makes the work a lot of fun, which is the best part! We are always laughing and making jokes. Its awesome. I don't have much time left in the mission and I am  pretty sure this will be my last area so I hope to make it my BEST! 
Love  you all!
See you soon!
Hermana Huish

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