Monday, September 1, 2014

Week #32

Teaching my Capacitation, I am so professional

A package of inspiration from home!

One of our friends got a new puppy, aawwweee


Baptism day! I love this Family!

Hola Familia y Amigos!
Awww so much has happened this week!
Okay  first off we had a multi zone conference. It was awesome The president spoke about how to become the 4th missionary. What his message boiled down to is that as missionaries we need to let our personal desires hibernate for a while and let God lead the way. For example, we cant be thinking about home or school or experiences we may be missing with friends. We need to put those things in a box on the shelf for a season and open them back up after the mission. Instead we need to focus all of our energy and talents  on serving the Lord. Our president is super duper powerful he is awesome! 
I taught my first capacitacion! (this is a training meeting for all the missionaries in a zone) I taught our district about how to focus on the need of the investigatores! It went really well. I shared a couple stories from the scripture and then we read preach my gospel. I had little hand outs and in the end we  practiced. I was super nervous before it started because I have the sister leaders in my district. I was feeling the pressure to make it really good! And I think they were impressed so sweet! 
This week was also the week of family C L!  It was J's Birthday he turned 18 so hermana pintado and I went over to celebrate with them. We had cake and presents and we sang. Then on Saturday we had their baptism! Wahoo! Its was a beautiful baptism! Four people were baptized into our ward in Begonias! It was awesome! I litterally was just over joyed with this baptism because I have come to love the family C L we have helped them so much. Resolved their doubts, and guided them to find the truth. They are integrated in the ward and I know that they will be strong members. I am sure J will serve a mission and one day their family will be sealed in the temple. I can't begin to explain to you how rewarding missionary work is. It is honestly a different kind of happiness. It is not the happiness that you feel on Christmas morning, or on a birthday. It is a more profound, deeper joy to bring people to Christ.
I hope all is well back home! I know its going to be a strange, strange feeling to go back to the real world but thats a long way away so for now I am going to embrace and enjoy the mission expereicne! 
See you next summer,
Hermana Huish

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