Monday, August 25, 2014

Week #31 The Good Samaritan

The Good Samaritain
This week Hermana Pintado and I had a crazy experience similar to the Good Samaritian. We were walking down the street in between two appointments when we came upon a small crowd of people. We went over to see what all the commotion was about. We found a man who had fallen down hard and hit  his head. He was laying the the middle of the side walk motionless. It looked like a death scene. His arms and legs were splurged out and blood was streaming from his head.  The people standing around the man were just staring and doing absolutely nothing. Not a soul took out a cell phone to make a call to the police or assist the man with his injuries. I couldn't believe how passive the crowd was while this man was bleeding out of his head. Hermana Pintado and I came to the rescue. We had a phone with credit so we immediately called the police. While my companion was on the phone with the police the man started to twitch and regain consciousness! It was all so fast. The only thing that I could remember about dealing with injuries like this is what I learned at Girls Camp in "ALRET", accept this time it was real. I felt like I was the only one prepared to do anything to help this man nobody else knew what to do. So I went to work.  After calling the police and assessing if his neck or spine were damaged we turned him over and laid him on his back. He had a giant gaping gash on his head starting from his eye brow all the way to above his ear. We had no supplies so I took my little pocket knife that I always carry with me (thanks dad!) and cut off the bow on my skirt. It worked perfectly like a bandage. I put his head in my lap and tied the fabric around his head and pressured the cut to try and stop the bleeding. To keep the man out of shock I started to ask him questions. His breath wreaked of alcohol but we found out that he is very poor and sells little candies for a living. In his bag all he had was little candies and a couple of soles nothing more. We waited there for about 25 minutes for the police to show up. And when they finally did they didn't want to take him because he was drunk. But my companion who is strong with words convinced the police to take him to the hospital So from their the police took over. 
Honestly after all of this was over I was so shocked and astounded and grossed out all at he same time. Being someone who is afraid of blood I could not believe that I was the one who had to help this man but we were the only people around willing to do anything. The mission is a bit crazy, saving souls and saving lives. Love you all! And hope that you can be the good Samaritan in whatever situation you find yourself. Always acting in the right way, willing to offer a hand and go above and beyond to serve others. Charity is the love of christ and one of the most important things we can posses. If we don't have charity we are nothing. Corinthians 13 and Moroni 7!  Always strive to be charitable and serve others!

See you next summer!
Hermana Huish

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