Tuesday, September 30, 2014


So sad to say goodbye to Pinto!!

This week we had transfers and I was so nervous because it was time for Hermana Pintado to be transferred. We were really good friends and were working  hard so I was sad to watch her leave and extremely nervous to get my new companion! 
Sunday night Hermana Pintado went around and said goodbye to all the members and  investigatores. Then  we packed her bags. Monday morning we went to the district offices with our sister leaders from Santa Fe, Hna Frye and Hna. Molina. Sister Frye also received a transfer so we all cried together as we got to the offices. For transfers we all gather in the parking lot of the offices.  Standing in one half of the parking lot are the people who have transfers and the other half is all the people who are staying in their area. Presidente Erickson begins to read a list of the names and the new companions come to the middle and then go off to their areas. I aways feel like I have a giant rock in my stomach while waiting for my new companion. Finally president got to Begonias 2. He called our Hermana Huish will be with...... the suspension was great. HNA FRYE and HNA PIN. haha I never would have guessed that I would be in a trio and especially never would have thought that I would be with Hna Frye. She is my sister leader and only has one more transfer in the mission, plus she is north american.  The first thought that came to my mind is how in the world are we going to all fit in our tiny tiny room. The room that we live in is about the size equivalent to the dorms in Helaman halls at BYU. Our room is tiny and there is no way we can fit another bed but somehow we will make it work. It was funny because Hermana frye brought all of her suitcases to the mission offices just to move a couple blocks down the street. In the same zone, same church building, and even the same district. We had no time to unpack her stuff. As soon as we arrived back at our room, we immediately left for all of our appointments. With two knew companions I am in charge of everything, teaching the lessons, finding investigators, basically the readership is on my shoulders. It was hard but I deffinitley felt the help of the lord. I am a whitness that when we are in tune with the holy spirit he will tell us in the precise moment what we should say. I needed to be on my game all  week, especially because hermana Frye was my old sister leader, it was stressful but I learned so much about missionary work this week. I am extremely grateful for p-day to rest this week. I deffinitly need to get rid of my stress so that I can lead and direct another week. 
My companions are the exact opposite of each other. Hna frye is a north american from Utah who is a hard worker, very obedient  and always willing to help. She has a lot of experience as this is her last transfer in the mission before she heads home.  Hna Pin has a great spirit but is shy, timid, and likes to ride back. She has a really bright side also and is super funny an lighthearted. Everyone has something to learn from their companions and I am sure I will learn so much form them

We are working hard in our area to find new people to teach. The other day we went to teach M G she is a single mom with a little boy named S. She seems very interested and even came to church with us this week. I think she is really looking for someting to help her. Overall this week went well, it was a lot of work and I am super tired. But thankfully I can rest up today for another week of work.

Love you all and See you next summer!
Hermana Huish

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