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Week #17 Mothers Day special edition

 Skyping on Mother's Day!

Service Day

Hermana Rosa, this is before Pepito pooped on Cadenas

knocking on doors

This is the card we made for David to remember to Pray


Mother's Day Extra:
I was able to Skype with Morgan for a little over an hour today and it was the best mother's day present ever! She looks so happy and is just bubbling over with enthusiasm for the work she is doing in Peru. It is hard to believe that four months have gone by. She said that she has already changed so much in just that short amount of time. For one, she said that she is now a morning person. She is up every day at 6am with a smile on her face and ready to work hard. (The smile on her face is the key because she never woke up smiling during the four years she attended early morning seminary) Another change she has made is that she doesn't take a single minute of the day for granted. Every hour of the day is planned out with a goal or task to be accomplished. Not a minute is spent idle. So much can be done if you have an organized plan she said. Finally, Morgan said her testimony and knowledge of the gospel has grown exponentially. She has learned so much  about herself and the gospel as she teaches others. I am so proud of her wonderful attitude and the service she is giving in Lima!
Morgan loves getting all of your emails but she REALLY loves letters! Letters on paper in the mail are the BEST! So if you have an extra minute, send her a letter, it takes three stamps to mail and her address is on this blog.
Here is her blog post for this week:
This week for p-day we went to mega plaza! Mega plaza is sweet because its like leaving Lima and entering America. Normally lots of different Zones go to Mega Plaza on the first p-day of the month, so its fun to see all the missionaries from the other areas! In the mission your trainer is called your mom. So I am the daughter of Hermana Cadenas and while at mega plaza I got to meet my missionary family, My sister, (another missionary trained by Cadenas) and my grandma (the missionary who trained Cadenas), its a fun way to keep track of everyone. OK,  Mega plaza is so American that is has a STARBUCKS!!!  It is starting to getting cold here so I was beyond excited to get a starbucks black and white hot chocolate, I have never felt closer to home!
A funny experience this week was our lesson with Hermana Rosa P. Hermana Rosa is a cute little old cat lady. She does live with her family but they also have tons of cats, and a little bird named Petito. We were enjoying some Ecco (Mormon coffee) and crackers when Pepito escaped from his cage. He was flying all over the place! The cats were chasing him and trying to get at him, It was like something out of a Tom and Jerry cartoon! Then Pepito finally landed on Hermana Cadenas´s shoulder and left a nice big poop right on her sleeve. I tried to tell Cadena's that its supposed to be good luck when a bird poops on you but she wasn't feeling very lucky at that moment.
Another good experiences this week was with Hermana Lydia. Lydia was the lady that we baptized last month  and she rocks. This week we helped her make mothers day gifts. We put together hot chocolate mugs with bon bons inside them with a nice big red bow. She loved it.
One down side of the week was that our investigator David is having troubles. He is suppose to be baptized next Saturday but wants to wait for July. We think  that he is having some problems with the word of wisdom. Hermana Cadena's and I never give up, we have been visiting him a lot and made him a  card to help him remember to pray
On the bright side we have two new investigators who wanted to be baptized this week! We were shocked when we had our first lesson and Marcos (a 19 year old boy)  literally said can I be baptized this Saturday? We had to explain to him that we have to take it slow make sure he has all the lessons and that he should probably actually go to church before he is baptized into it. His enthusiasm is exciting! We met his sister and his mom and they both want to join the church as well. SWEETNESS!   
Another awesome part of this week was our Chuebletada. One of the less active members we are working with  is finally getting married! Her husband is not  a member so they need to get married before he is baptized. We have spent the past two months helping them plan for their wedding! Today we had a fundraiser called a Chubletada. We went to Hermana Anna's house early this morning to help her cook tons of pork chops and then we went to sell them to all the members in our ward, and to all the missionaries. It was a good day. For sure an adventure I felt like a girl scout again selling girl scout cookies.
See you next summer

Hermana Huish

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