Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Week #38 The half way point

I was reunited with my friends from the CCM at the Soccer tournament

All three of us are at the half way point (9 in and 9 to go)

Our zone won the tournament!

Hola Familia!
This past week has been really busy! Monday we had Mundial! And our zone won! Wahoo go Canto Chico! Hermana Molina, Hermana Apollo and I were the best cheerleaders ever. 

Later in the week we had a Sister Conference. It was sweet. All of the sisters in our mission gathered in the District Offices.  The topics were fortifying our companionship's, being good examples, and preparing for our future lives. What I liked the most was the talk about unity within companionship. (I really needed it!)

Right now I am in a trio. Hermana Frye is the mama of Hermana Pin so they are ¨Best friends¨ and it has been pretty tough to be the third wheel this whole transfer. My attitude with my companions has not been the best. Basically I just keep telling myself to put up with it and then hope for a transfer in a few weeks.I have  judged them based off  first impressions. I did make an effort in the beginning to put myself into  their shoes but I felt completely shut me out, three girls is usually never a good idea. Hermana Pin has had a difficult past and is not willing to teach some of the lessons.. I have looked at my companions as  burden to me and to the work here in begonias. They are new and dont understand the people that I have been teaching for a long time. They dont have the same love for the people. When I want to teach one more lesson before we go back to the room they both just want to go back and sleep. I know and love the people here, and know that if we don't go to the lesson they would be really disappointing. But because I am the odd man out we have to let the majority rule. I have had to exercise  a lot of patience. During my interview with the mission president this week he explained to me a little bit about Hermana Pin. That she has lived alone since she was 14,  and that her dad died recently. He explained to me the enormous personal progress she has made in the mission. He explained to me "Hermana Huish I have heard from your past companions that you are patient and a peacemaker. I hope that you can be the same with Hermana Pin." This completely changed my mind about her, and about my responsibility as a companion to her. I shouldn't be viewing her as a burden or her problems as baggage. A good companion would do everything they could to uplift and try to help them. I am going  to do my part to bring unity to our companionship and to help Hermana Pin with all of the things that she is dealing with. Every person is like an iceberg. At first we can only see the top part. And from here we make judgement's about the person based on what we see in the first impressions. But what we dont know is the giant part that hides under the water. We shouldn't be quick to judge others, because we never know what they have gone through and the reasons that they act the way that they do. I am going to make a better effort to get to know my companions and learn to love them.
Luego we had room checks and interviews with President Erickson. We passed our roomcheck. Our room is tiny, especially for three people I don't know how we are doing it. Our entire apartment is smaller then my bedroom that I have at home. But we are making it work, and luckily Hermana Frye is completely willing to sleep on the floor. 
Last week elections were held  in Peru and it is illegal to hold reunions during voting so we couldn't watch General conference when it was broadcast. So this week we all went to the stake center to watch it. 
I think my favorite quote in conference was from Hugo E Martinez. Ël que sierve sierve, y el que no sierve no sierve¨This was so awesome and so true. Its so simple and clear. I loved it. This week I will reach my half way mark in my mission. WOW i cant believe it I am half way through. I know all the basics. I can speak spanish, teach the lessons, and navigate my area.  The next 9 months are really my time to make a difference, to serve, and to change peoples lives. This morning I read in the Liahona about starting new, and setting goals. Dice Ähora es el mejor momento para empezar a ser la persona que queremos llegar a serñ no solo de aqui a veine anos, sino por toda la eternidad.¨In English it goes right now is the best moment to start to be the person you want to become, not only in 20 years from now but for the eternities.¨I really believe that now is the moment to start new for me. To make goals plans and to start to become the person I want to be. I have worked hard, I know the basics  and now I just need to put everything in practice.

Love yall and see you next summer!
Hermana Huish

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