Monday, July 7, 2014

week #25 TRANSFERS

I was transferred from Magnolias to Begonias this week!
My new area is huge.

Last day with Cadenas

Working hard


Goodbyes to all my friends in Magnolias

Goodbye to my Penchinista Edith, I love her!!


More families I love
HELLO Family!
So BOOM no one expected but I got transferred! It definitely came as a surprise. We were all preparing for Hermana Cadenas to leave because she has more time in the area but I guess God needs me somewhere else. I was really sad to be leaving Magnolias because I felt like we were just starting to make progress in that area. We had a lot of good investigators who I really loved. But that is the life of a missionary, as soon as your comfortable, things change. So Monday I packed my bags and made the rounds to say good bye to all the investigators and members. Tuesday morning we woke up early to get to the district offices. I was so nervous. New companion, new area, new everything! 
My companion is Hermana Pintado! She is from Puyra Peru. So far she has been super awesome! She is a really hard worker and a great teacher. She is loving, caring and fun! In all honesty I am thrilled to be with her because she wants to work hard. Hermana Pintado is focused and she loves the mission. I think I’m going to be so happy with her because we can work even more! 
MY new area is Begonias. IT IS HUGE!!!! It is about 4 times bigger than my last area. We have to take motos and buses between citas because it is too far to walk. Despite the buses, there is still  a lot,  a lot of walking. A LOT! By the end of the day I am literally dead, but for some reason it feels good to be nearly dead when we get back to our room, it shows that we given  our all throughout the day. The members here are fabulous! They are soo welcoming, and understanding.  They come with us for lessons, and  give us tons of referrals. I am pretty sure that we get at least one reference every day from the members in the ward! It is wonderful to have their support.
The only problem with this area is that when we got here there wasn’t much going on. Hermana Pintado was also new to the area. Her companion had an emergency transfer to Colombia so when we both arrived in Begonias we had no one to teach. Fortunately, we have found so many people in a short amount of time and our days are filled already!  I can really feel the spirit here in Begonias. The other day I think we had three people crying, the spirit is strong here. I can tell that with a little bit of time maybe a month we will start to have success with baptisms!
My new penchinista is awesome! First off, she makes us really healthy breakfasts every day with smoothies, fruit, yogurt, eggs and vegetables. I love love, love her cooking! But she is less active so we are also teaching her. She has three sons. One is 17 and the other two are 7 and 10. Yesterday we had a lesson with her boys. They read their scriptures every night, and have questions for us about them. These little boys are better than a lot of our adult investigators. They are so sweet. In their prayers they always bless the missionaries, “the hermanas”, that we can be safe and that nothing bad will happen to us. The youngest one is already asking questions about serving a  mission!  He is only 7and hasn’t even been baptized  but wants to prepare for a mission.  It was so cute he said he was a little nervous about serving a mission because he doesn’t want to leave his family for that long. (I can relate!)
Other Fun Fact! 
The first baptism that I had in the Mission was Paulo form Comas Retablo. I found out that he is doing great! He is a strong member of the church and is the ward mission leader! How sweet! It was only a couple months ago that I was teaching him and now he goes on lessons with the missionaries almost every week! WAHOO! Go Paulo! 
Love yall!
See you next summer!
Hermana Huish

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