Monday, June 30, 2014

Week #24 Moving mountains

Tarde Blanca

Dear Family! and Friends 
Woww Woww Woww This week has been so wonderful and I had so many great experiences!
First, we had a service project high, high, high up in the serros. The serros is a neighborhood built on a hill side. Unlike in the US where the houses are more expensive at the top of the hill, in Lima, the higher you climb the poorer it becomes. We basically hiked to the very top to a little shack that consisted of four plywood walls leaning against eachother. It looked like a tiny tree house. In my area we don’t have any serrors so sometimes I forget how destitute the people can be. This service project was a good reminder of how blessed we all our.  Our job was to flatten the ground in front of the house. Literally the missionaries were moving mountains that day. We had to move so so much dirt. We worked with shovels and pik axes the entire day, our hands were covered in blisters. My hands at one point started bleeding! Despite the hard work, service is definitely one of my favorite parts of the mission. Service not only brings and bonds people together, but it also brings the spirit. I love service!
Another great experience, I got the package from my mom! We had a mini district meeting so I was able to share all the cookies and  the candy. It was a little taste of home! Couldn’t have been sweeter! Every one says THANKS AMY!
Our investigator Y is progressing nicely. She has been going to church for over a month! She has a strong desire to be baptized and the only thing that is stopping her is that she needs to be married. This week we brought Y and my favorite little girl Rosa to a church activity which turned out to be my third good experience this week. It was such a cool event. The relief societies from 5 different wards, put on a dance festival. Each ward performed a different dance from peru! It was so awesome! All the performers were dressed up in beautiful, colorful vestiment's for their culture. And the dances were awesome. That is another thing I love about Peru, the culture, and the way the people celebrate with dance. All the dancers wanted pictures with the missionaries so we took photos with all of them!
Finally, to cap off the week, we held our Tarde Blanca! BOOHYEAH! It was so perfect! Hermana Edith made Hermana cadenas and I matching white skirts so that we could be in all white! We were looking fly! Our investigator J was baptized! It was such a great experience for him! He has been coming to church and going to seminary for about a month. The day before his baptism we asked him to share his testimony with us and we told him to write it down so that he could have it forever. His testimony was so simple. He said I want to change, I want to be a better person, the hermanas have taught me about this church and I know that this church will help me make this changes that I want. I know Joseph Smith was called to be a prophet and that the scriptures a true. His testimony was simple but perfect. We were thrilled. He has some family problems but we were touched to see that His entire family was at the baptism to support him including his little sweet old grandma. This month I'm almost pretty sure that our Zone had 20 baptisms!!! This is awesome I am really happy with everyones work!
Today we have cambios! Dunn dunn dunn! I don’t think I will be transferred this time around but you never know. I think Hma Cadenas might possibly be transferred so I will update you next week about whats happening!
Lovee love you all
See you next summer
Herman Huish
Ps. The future is as bright as your faith

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