Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Week #74 I love to see the temple

June 15, 2015
Hola Amigos!
This week was full of wonderful experiances. First, I was able to go to the temple with my converts A and K.  It was such a great opportunity to be with them because as mssionaires our goal is not just to baptize but to help ourconverts make it to the temple. The temple is what we strive for so that we can have be sealed to our families for eternity. I love the mission because of all of the beautiful experiances that we have and the people we meet. 

As missionaries I feel that we are endowed with power from on high. We are blessed with the power to prophesy and make promises. This past week we invited J to come to church. His family is struggling finacially and he told us that he couldnt come to church because he had to work. I promised him as a represetnative of Jesus Christ that if he came to church he would find work and work more than he would if he didn’t come to chruch. This week he put my promise to the test. He came to church for the three hour block. Directly after church the car he wanted to rent was given to him so that  he could work as a taxi driver. Wow, it is amazing to see how God blesses us as show faith and obey his commandments. 

There are people prepared. This week we recieved a reference from the primary, a girl with 11 years has been coming to church for a year but she has not been baptised. She really wanted the opportunity to see the dedication of the Trujillo temple next week but discovered that she has to be baptised to enter.  She experssed her long deisres to go and see the temple, to be baptised she needed to recieve the 5 lessons, interviews and plan with the ward. We taught her all of the lessons in 2 appointments planned with the ward and she was baptised Sunday morning and recieved the Holy Spirit on Sunday in church. Now she can go to the dedication in Trujillo.

I love this area I am serving in. I love the people here and I love my companion. It is going to be very hard to leave next month!
Love you all,

Hermana Huish

Last weeks letter also:

Hola Fmailia
This week we were really happy about the outcome at church. We had three families  attend sacrament meeting. Finding the family B was honestly a miracle. Herman Lopez and I left to proselyte in the morning and on this day nobody let us in. We were walking from house to house for a couple of hours trying to teach someone but no one would open a door, or everyone was out at work. For a final effort before we went to lunch we decided to knock on one more door. As we looked around at our options, a little blue house stood out and we approached. A woman came to the door and at first was hesitant and didnt want to give us the time but we were presistent and she let us in. We found out that all of her children are members and that she used to be the pentchinista for the missionaries years ago. She said that she loved going to church but being alone all the time she had distanced herself.  We invited her to a knitting class with the relief society and to come to church Sunday. To our surprise as we were sitting in sacrament meeting she walked in with her daughter and all of her grandchildren. They filled up an entire row. They are very excited to come back to church and to continue learning about the gospel. I know that God led us to that door. I know that we are only instruments in the hands of God to bring all of his children back to him.  

Herman Lopez is progressing really quickly. It seems like she doesnt have fear. She has an amazing ability to motivate people to read, pray and come to church. We get along very well. I love training and it has taught me a lot. Sometimes I feel like I learn more from her. She struggles a little to learn all of the lessons and the doctrines but we do practices everyday in companion study. I think one of our strnegths is that we are always happy to be working, this happiness is contagious and people take note. 
Our ward is also progressing a lot. We had a fasted for the bishop, leaders and members that they could change their atitudes and be able to do things happily. And it was amazing this Sunday its was like a different ward. The leaders are motivated to work and to save all the less actives. Over all the week has been very successfull. 

Love you All,
Hermana Huish

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