Friday, May 29, 2015

Week # 71 Importance of Families

This week I want to write alittle bit about one of our investigators. S is 21 years old. She is a single mother with a little baby girl. She has been through a lot of tough things and has made some poor decisions in her life. When we were first getting to know her, we never would have guessed that she would prgress so quickly. In the beginning she told us that she was happy with her party life and wasn’t really interested in a major change. God humbled her very quickly.  She made some bad choices one night and almost lost custody of her baby as a result. We had a long discusion about the decisions she was making, the life she was living and the changes that she needed to make. She broke down into tears as she realized where her life was headed. I know that God sent us at the perfect moment. We talked to S about God’s commandments. We explained to her that sometimes we are weak and want to do what we want, but that there are consequences. If we do what God wants we will live happier, more successful lives. The thought piqued her interest and she came to church with us this week as well as a couple activities in the ward. She was sooo happy. We helped her set some new goals to obey the commandments, go to church and to put her daughter first. As I have pondered her situation this week I have become aware of the importance of our families and what joy they can bring to us. I am so thankful for my family. I know that I have been very blessed to be brought up in truth and light. With parents who put God always first. And who have led me on a righteous path. I know that anyone who that lives the gospel can also acheive this type of success but we have to be committed to living the commandments, and to prayer. These are the things that help us through. I know that the gospel blesses families. I know that we recieve blessings as we live the commandments of God. I also know that when we live the commandments we can avoid many bad situations. If we don falter, I know that Jesus Christ came to earth to make repentance an option for us and  that we can ALWAYS ask for forginveness and most importantly we can ALWAYS change. We can chage the situations that we are in for the better. And even though it takes alittle bit of effort on our part it is worth it in the end.
Love you all,

Hermana Huish

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