Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Week #54 Balancing Act

Living proof that you can give up your family, friends, and phone for 18 months and still be completely happy!!

This p-day we made pancha manca a la tierra. Which is a meal that is cooked under the ground with hot coals! It was super sweet and there was a river with a blackberry farm and we played soccer. It was a really good p-day, I think one of the best my whole mission!

This week we had a reunion of the Zone and our leaders talked about consistency. I really liked what was said. They emphasized that sometimes we have good days and sometimes bad days in the mission but the most important part is our diligence. If we are continually being obedient and  balancing all parts of the mission then blessings will follow.  For example if we are already teaching lots of people and only focus on that then we may stop looking for new people and future teaching opportunities will be lost. As missionaries,consistency in our daily actions ensures success in the future. I think this message translates well into everyone's life. Consistency and balance in all things is important. I  imagine that back home everyone has a million things going on, school, studies, sports, friends, work, sleep, family, church. Finding a way to balance and organize all of our commitments while maintaining a spiritual connection with the Lord will bring the maximum amount of happiness. This week we went to visit a less active named A. She is a single mother with three kids. She is a big inspiration to me. She has about a million things to worry about. She wakes up at 5am every single day to get ready for her kids breakfast, lunches, everything, and then she heads off to work. . She works all day and then after work she studies and works more. She gets home at night late, 11 or 12, sleeps for a little bit and then starts the next day. WOW. She has to do everything by herself. I cant even imagine how difficult it must be. We tried to commit her to read her scriptures 15 minutes every day. But  there was just not enough time in the day for her, she was so great and  promised us that she would find a solution. A has two free nights a week when she doesn't teach dance,  so she signed up for institute! All though she could have used this time to rest, or do a million other things she decided she would use this little bit of free time to be dedicated to the scriptures. I'm really so proud that she decided to do this and I have faith that she will be blessed for this choice. 

Love you all 
Hermana Huish} 

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