Monday, November 17, 2014

Week #43 The Book of Mormon changes lives!

Birthday breakfast for Hna. Ramirez

Working lunch with the Elders

This week has gone by really quickly for me. We are working with a young couple C and D. They are getting married in the massivo this Friday, and I am extremely happy for them. C has been really strong and has a really strong desire to follow Jesus. I can tell that she is ready to be baptized, she follows through with all of her commitments and is becoming a member of the ward. It has been a little more difficult with D, but we are working hard to strengthen his faith through revelation, though the scriptures and through assitencia. He is a husband, a father and is always worrying about providing for his family. He has a hard time leaving work to come to church because he wants to for his family. We are working to increase his faith and teach him that if he puts his confidence in God, God will provide everything else.

We had a very great spiritual experience this week. I is the wife of a menos activo. She has been really prepared for us. She is always working and her schedule is crazy but she shared with us that the Book of Mormon is changing her life. She said she feels more peace, and like she is learning a lot as she reads. She also can feel that her personality is changing. She is a witness to the power that the Book of Mormon has to change lives. We helped her initiate the habits of family prayer and family scripture studies. I have strong faith that we are going to reactivate her husband and that she will be baptized.

I have noticed that unfortunately, in this area the people are very hard hearted. We have had a lot of rejection this week. More rejection in this one week then in my entire mission. At first I was really confused and thought that it was my fault, that I wasn't a faithful enough missionary, but I think what I learned is that I am doing my part and every one has the ability to accept or reject. I have noticed that some people get really focused on things that are not important. We have had several lessons this week in which our investigatores ask us questions that are not reaalted to the gospel basics or that do not have answers. When we are talking about these things I can literally feel the spirit leave the conversation. Its so important to stay focused on the lessons and the doctrine of Christ and nothing else, so that we can teach with the spirit.

It is a short post this week because we have been so busy. Busy is a good thing in the mission!
Have a great week everyone and see you next summer,
Hna. Huish

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