Monday, November 10, 2014

Week #42 Santa Isabel

Transfer Day

Saying goodbye to my old comp. Sister Frye

Zona Magnolias is #1

                                                          Goodbye to Magnolias

                     My new Comp. Hna. Goulding and Elder Rodriguez and Elder Sitton

Dear Family,
The rumors were true. I am now in Santa Isabel. It is a lot different here and so much has changed. My new companion dun dun dun! Is another GRINGA! I think president doesnt ever want me to become fluent in spanish because this is my third gringa companion! Just to have one is pretty rare, and now I have had three. Hna Goulding is from northern california and she studied at BYU provo before her mission. We acutally lived together at one point when I was serving in magnolias so we know each other really well. This is also her last transfer in the mission before she goes home. Thank goodness she is still willing to work hard. Our area is tiny!! In fact, its about 8x smaller then my last area!  Our room is so nice we actually have a kitchen and lots of space. It feels good to not  be crammed into a 10x10 little box like my last room. Along with a tiny area comes a tiny ward. We have about 90 people coming to sacrament meeting and many of those are less actives.  I know that while I am here I really need to focus on strengthening the ward, the members, and helping the bishop.  I am excited for the chance to use some leadership skills and really make a difference. I can see a lot of potential but also a lot of work that needs to be done. 
We have some wonderful people that we are working with! Currently, we are teaching a family C D and their little son C. They are THE BEST! They truly were prepared for the gospel, golden invesigators. We have had lessons with them almost every night this week. We had a family night with them yesterday and I just don't have words to describe how awesome they are. They are totally motivated to come to church, to learn more, and to do what is right. They are not married yet so  this week we are focusing on obtaining all the requirment papers for their wedding. They tried to inscribe last Friday but it didn't work out. Their wedding date is the 21 and then their baptism date is the 22! wahoo its awesome!! And something even cooler is that the elders in our ward elder sitton and elder rodriguez also have a family that are being married the same day and the baptism despues. So we have been working a lot together.  This will be an exciting month. Although the area is really small,  I do have faith in this area and that we can help it grow. I am excited to be here and will try to make a difference.
So this is my little update this week.
Love you all and see you next summer!
Hermana Huish

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