Monday, April 28, 2014

week #15

Our little art project

P-day lunch

Getting ready for the new church tours

Hola  familia y  amigos!


This week’s highlight was definitely the” Show of Talents”! Our local church building has been under construction for the past couple months and  it was finally ready this week! Hooray!  In celebration of the new church we opened the doors to the community for tours and a viewing  we also held a Talent show. The open doors was from 5 to 7 in the evening The  missionaries stood outside the church and literally grab people off the street to bring them and give tours. It sounds weird but it was actually pretty fun and a great opportunity to answer questions about our church.  After tours we started the talent show! I was so surprised by how many people were there!!! I would estimate there were over 300 people! Everyone was gathered in the parking lot and the missionaries were the first up. We had two acts to perform the first was a song,  “Armies of Helaman”.The missionaries all went up but our  guitarists was MIA  so we waited for what seemed like an eternity when 300 sets of eyes are on you. Elder Whitlock attempted to entertain the crowd with some awful jokes while we waited. Finally, our guitarist appeared and all the gringos sang the verses in English then, together  we sang the chorus in Spanish. I’m not being humble, it was a pretty rough performance, the microphones were not really working and the piano was too quiet. (And Latinos aren’t the best singers so it was a mixture of singing and screaming.)  But what is important is that we all got up there and we were all smiling so I guess that’s what counts. Also, the people in Peru love you now matter how badly you sing. Our next act was a little skit. It was hilarious. The plot was a dramatic love triangle about a young man leaving his girl friend to go on a mission. Then while he was serving, she married his best friend, Tommy. When he came home from his mission they got into a big fight. Everyone was laughing and tons of people wanted pictures with us… so I guess our theatrical skills made up for the singing. After performing we stayed to watch all the other acts. It was so an awesome night, so full of culture! Dancers performed this little Peruvian step dance, more singing and the primary children also danced.…. they were actually really good, probably my favorite act, of course  there was that one little boy that was just going crazy and he was the highlight of the act.


Hermana Cadenas and I share our apartment with two other sister missionaries. Sister Z and Sister G. They are the sister leaders and they are awesome. This week they talked to our land lord about our apartment contract and found out the family on the second floor was moving. They checked out the apartment and said it was soooo much nicer! It had real tile floors, the colors were better, plus the shower and kitchen were nicer. They asked us if we wanted to move and duhh of course we would, especially if the new place was as nice as they made it sound.! So the land lord made a new contract which was actually a lot of trouble. Sister  G really had to push to get to the second floor, she  came up with every excuse she could for a reason to move. So finally after a lot of back and forth  on Friday night we got a call from the zone leaders saying that if we wanted to move we had to do it the next day! Hooray, we were so excited, Friday night we packed. Hermana Cadenas and I had not seen the new room yet so we asked to go see it. It was AWFUL! The first room we went in was beautiful. It had tile floors and was clean and spacious. The bathroom was looking good. But as soon as we went into the second bed room it was like, WHAT HAPPENED! Of course, the second room was intended for Hermana cadneas and I. It was literally a closet and it was just gross. I was soooo mad. Clearly, our roommates wanted to move downstairs so their room would be nice and big but Hermana Cadenas and I were the step sisters who were going to have to sleep in the cinder closet with the mice! At this point there wasn’t much that we could do! We were already set to move the next morning and we had a contract! I don’t think I slept at all that night. The whole time I just kept trying to think of ways to get out of moving downstairs. So on Saturday the elders came to move all of our things, AND MY PRAYERS WERE ANSWERED. The zone leaders got permission to move us ONLY if the room downstairs was the same layout as upstairs. President Erickson said that we could have a new contract if there were not any major differences. Obviously there were differences so the zone leaders ripped up the contract and we unpacked all of our stuff back upstairs. The whole thing was the biggest waste of time ):

Fun Experience:

THIS WEEK I FINALLY GOT MY PACKAGE! It’s the best when you get a package. It was the biggest package that the zone leaders have ever seen! Thank you  mommy you are the best!  The most handy little item in the package was the dog zapper! There are so many mean, stray dogs here with fleas. We tried it out this week to see if it would really work. While walking to lunch I brought the zapper and zapped every dog that came near me. It worked like a charm. The high frequency noise really irritates them and they run away. Except, when Elder Gomez used it. Instead of  running away the dog got really angry and ended up chasing after Elder Gomez  a whole block!

Overall I’m doing really well. I love my area and my zone. Our investigators are progressing! We had 10 of our investigators come to church this past Sunday! We are struggling with getting them to commit to a baptismal date but hopefully we will have some coming up next month.



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