Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Room mates

Hitting the "Hill"

Our favorite Spanish teacher at the CCM

The happiest day was when I found a Starbucks <3 !

The days here at the CCM are flying by! The first two weeks went by incredibly slow because we were still getting use to everything, but now they go so quickly! The older district left last night, its deserted here at the CCM today because the older district left, and all of our Latino friends are gone. When they left they came into our classroom to tell our group how much of an example we set for them, and how great we were. It's true we have a golden district, what can I say. But that also means we will be the advanced group. I don't feel very advanced because I know that I have so much to learn, but I know that the incoming groups will be looking to our example and think that we know everything even if we actually don't. Our district is now the HEFE (boss) we rule the CCM!
We had the chance to go proselyting again in Lima Norte. I went to a different area this time and the poverty was so much worse. I can not believe the conditions that people are living in. We went to teach a  member named Mario and his family. They lived at the very top of the "hill". The Hill is at the side of the city, and the further you go up the hill the more devastating the conditions get. We walked all the way to the top to find Mario and his family. Their house consisted of three walls, and a hole dug out of the side of the hill. Mario had a wife and two little boys 5 and 8. We asked them to come to church and taught them the importance of going to church. So this is actually kind of a funny story for how spiritual the moment was. The spirit was there, I could tell, even if I could only pick up on main concepts that people were talking about. The entire family seemed a little distracted as my companion was speaking, but finally she looked to me to say something, I couldn't say a ton but i did bear my testimony in Spanish. A trick to missionary work is that "The eyes are the window to the soul" I looked right into the eyes of Mari'os wife, and even though what i was saying wasn't much and it was in broken Spanish I knew that his wife could understand, and she felt something when I was talking, even if I was really nervous.     So also when we were giving that lesson I had my water bottle sitting on  my lap, it was a pretty junky water bottle because i just got it at the market, so it started to leak. I HAD NO IDEA! but it leaked all over the front of my skirt. So when i stood up to say bye it totally looked like i peed myself! they were all laughing at me and I didn't realize until I started to leave! I was so embarrassed! but it dried really quickly. But oh my gosh EMBARRASSING!
After that lesson we walked around the neighborhoods a little bit more, and I cant put in words how disgusting and dirty this city is. Streets are filled with trash, gross dogs, and bugs. It is the most disgusting thing ever. After we got back onto the bus I was thinking to myself HOW IN THE WORLD AM I GOING TO BE ABLE TO DO THIS! How am I going to be able to lie in this gross city for 18 months. I know that sounds selfish because the people are amazing but the conditions are awful. Later we watched the Joseph Smith movie and I really liked one of the Quotes.
Emma asked Joseph " Do you ever ask if God wants too much from you", and Joseph responded " I don't let myself". I'm going to go forward with my mission with that attitude. I wont let my self question. 'I'm going forward in faith that I will be taken care of, and wont worry but just do my work like a good missionary.
After only about 3 hours of proselyting our entire district was sooo tired! When we got back to the CCM we had dinner and a district meeting. When me and my companions walked into our meeting the lights were off and all the sisters were sleeping on the floor! Hahaha. So we all just kept the lights of and had a huge pile of people laying on the floor. Elder Panta one of the coolest Latino elders came in and thought it was hilarious that we were all sleeping, he told us a bedtime story in Spanish, something about boots, and families I didn't catch the rest of it, but it was hilarious.
I was pretty discouraged that day just because I couldn't say much and didn't understand anything so I was down. BUT!!!! I finally got all my mail and packages that night!!! Its crazy how God knew that I needed something to cheer me up because technically we aren't allowed to get our mail until p day, but for just this one time they decided to give me mine! Crazy how that works. The little things really make the biggest differences in a Missionaries life. I loved the valentines day package Mom (you are the BEST!!) I am so thankful for all of it! The smallest things really do make a huge difference. For example they started to serve mangos in the cafeteria and its awesome! i love mangos! and apparently Utah has bad mangos so nobody else has eaten them but I showed them all how, so now EVERYONE loves mangos. They are so sweet and delicious. That's is something awesome about the CCM is they have really really good fruit!
I love you all, I really do appreciate all the emails and support from everyone! It truly means a lot to me!
From your little missionary,
Hermana Huish

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