Tuesday, February 4, 2014

It summer here!


Sea Hawks mania has reached Peru! GO HAWKS!!

Hola Familia,
   You can expect a lot more Spanish from me! The first day of classes we learned to pray and bear our testimonies in Spanish, and I have just gotten better from there. None of our teachers speak English so we are forced to learn and to know more. I love singing the hyms in Spanish its so awesome, and the Latinos love when we sing. I have already had my first dream in Spanish!! (please let Stella know!) even though I didn't understand what people were saying they were speaking Spanish! We saw a elder at the store who has been out for ten months and he said that the first two months we will just about understand everything that people are saying, its crazy to think that the language can come so quickly. Speaking will take longer, but i will just be thankful to understand.
   Some funny experiences! We had a de-stressing activity that was suppose to help us calm down and be able to manage the stress. We went out to the field to run some lines in skits and suits. Then when we went back to the classroom the door to the field was locked! we all thought that it was part of the activity, but our teacher was freaking out. It was our late class and already dark. So Pond an elder in my district climbed the 15ft wall to try to flag someone down to let us back in. Finally we were able to get out and we were way more stressed than we were before. But it was funny... and definitely not part of the activity.
   Also we had a bag of sour patch kids, from the US (they dont sell them here). We gave some to one of the Latinos and they freaked out at how sour they were! He had the sour face on and had to go spit them out and drink tons of water! It was so hilarious, he did not like them at all.
   Its amazing how much of a family my district has become. I love everyone and it is truly a blessing and probably one of the reasons i was called to Peru was to be apart of this district! Everyone is amazing. It was Elder Ponds birthday and we all went around saying something we love about him just like a family would. However we all get along so well that sometimes it can be hard to focus and we just want to talk, but we are working on focusing more. On of our teachers always pulls up a picture of this ugly Dove that is sitting on the ground and says that we have to keep the holy spirit with us. We all make fun of the picture because its just and ugly bird. Dove in Spanish is Paloma so we say that we have to KEEP THE PALOMA!
   Our teachers are so AMAZING! i love them so much. Our morning teacher is sister Garreo she is a little Peruvian girl probably 25 served her mission in Columbia and loves us to death. We are her favorite district by far. She says that  she has dreams about teaching us. She has such great advice about Spanish about missions about life. Something that I loved that she said is that a mission is the only time in our life that we will be able to PROMISE people blessings. That's the difference between a set apart missionary and a member missionary. I love that.
  We watched a talk from elder Holland about the expectations of missionaries. WHOOOA was it powerful he said "we have high expectations for missionaries, and we aren't sorry" he was saying the missionaries have to be super humans and that we don't have a reason to compromise Gods work. The talk definitely motivated me to work harder study more and try to be better, but I'm trying to find a balance between having a little bit of fun, along with all the work. The CCM puts a huge magnifine glass on yourself and can make you feel inadequate but I'm just going to keep going, keep "looking up".
   My time that i have been here i have been trying to become closer to Christ and to really get to know who he is and have a deeper understanding of his life and of the atonement. I've been doing a lot of reading out of the new testament and from Jesus the Christ. I absolutely lovvvee the poem that grandma sent me comparing missionary work to the suffering of Christ. Its really powerful and I shared it with my whole district.
   I cant believe that it has already been three weeks it seems like just yesterday that me and mom hiked pu pu point. Looking back on time it seems like it flies by so fast but looking ahead I have sooo much left to do. Its hard to comprehend all thats left to do.
   Yo se que la iglesia de jesucristo es verdadera, y el libro de mormon es la palabra de Dios. Estoy agredecido por me familia y la opertunidad ser servicio en Lima.
Love you all so much!
Hermana Huish

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