Tuesday, January 21, 2014

My companion Sister Bowers( she's from California)

 new friends at the MTC

Room mates

another new comp. Sister Mahoss from SLC
Just arriving in Peru after a 13 hour flight. Looking pretty happy at 1am.
Hello My Sweeties!
The MTC is beautiful here. Even though its small, I actually really like that it isn't too big. There are three buildings; our rooms, the main office and the cafeteria. In my room there are three sets of bunk beds and very little closet space but somehow I made it all fit... somehow.  My companion is Heather Bowers from California, Riverside. She has been really great. She is 20 and very focused on the work, and she is one of the best at speaking Spanish in our district. Although we are different in that shes a perfectionist and I'm laid back, for now we are making it work. We actually just got a new companion today and we are a threesome now! So the new sister is Sister Mahoss, I haven't been able to get to know her very well yet. But she seems like a sweetheart. She played soccer and basket ball throughout high school and is from Salt Lake City.
We have two Latino roommates, and I cant put into words how much I love them. The first day I couldn't understand anything they were saying but I could tell right away that they were friendly and always trying to help us. Now I'm a lot better at Spanish and we can actually learn a lot about each other. One has a boyfriend on a mission and they are getting married when she gets home, shes a small girl from Brazil and she is funny and nice. The other girl is ALWAYS happy! She loves everyone and is filled with the spirit! She has 10 brothers and sisters and is from Columbia. Although she comes from a bad background she has such a good attitude about service. Her dream is to come to the United States one day and marry a gringo. Whenever she comes into the room or sees use she yells "HELLO MY SWEETIES" its adorable 
Classes go from literally 7 in the morning until 9:30 at night. By the time 9 comes around we all are going a little stir crazy being kept in a single room. But we do have an hour for exercising. They have a soccer field and we will go out and play soccer with the Latinos. The MTC is very laid back which I like. No one is telling us what to do or where to be we just have to act for ourselves.
I think one of the best moments so far was a late night party we had in our room. My Colombian roommate was showing us how she danced in Columbia and soon everyone was in our room dancing. We had a little circle going and people would just go in show how they danced in their culture then someone else would go.  We were all just laughing and having a good time. I really have come to love all the Latinos, they want to help us with our Spanish and they are so humble. I was so worried about getting use to so many things like having to share a room with other people and gross showers and hard beds. But the Latinos have to get use to sleeping in their own bed, learn how to use a washer and dryer. It has really humbled me to see how happy they are.
The flight was 4 hours to Atlanta and 7 hours to Peru. I didn't listen to music or watch movies because the elder i was with.. but I did play a lot of Uno. I wish i could have read more but the elder talked alot!!!. But its okay!
Oh and by the way we already started teaching. We have a fake investigator right now but we are tracting this Saturday! I'm so nervous my Spanish isn't nearly where it should be to go tracting! like WHAT?

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